When “Auto-Pilot” Fails !




From a blog by Sally Burch.

Today I saw a paper on “Reduced gait automaticity” and this idea rang very true to my own illness experience.  The paper used female subjects, diagnosed with CFS (CDC criteria), and compared them with healthy controls (1).  In a nutshell the subjects were asked to walk and then perform various additional tasks. Unsurprisingly the patient group were less able to cope with the multi-tasking angle of the tests, and were more likely to stop walking when asked to do an additional task (eg adding two numbers). Obviously these patients were not in the severe category, but perhaps something like this could be adapted as a marker for assessing patient well-being? Recently I have been monitoring myself, by recording heart rates, daily steps and so on – all with the idea of searching for that illusive “something” that would give me a measure of how I’m doing on a particular day. In my experience the time I’m most likely to harm my health by doing too much, is when I am “dangerously okay” – ie when I think I am doing better than I really am


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