When People At Work Avoid You Because Of Your Illness


Frustration Chronic Illness


By Lorene Masters in The Mighty.


You want to say that you just imagined it, that the room did not suddenly become quiet when you walked in. But you know that you didn’t imagine it because this has happened before.

You were out sick last week, like half of your office coworkers, but with one difference – you didn’t get better. While everyone else was back in the swing of things, springy and happy and catching up on neglected projects, you were still struggling with weakness, a cough, and nausea.

For a while, it was nice to have comrades in the battle against whatever sickness was going around. But then you were left alone to struggle silently. Again. They had no idea what it was like to not get well. On top of your day-to-day chronic illness symptoms, now there were more piled high. DayQuil for a few days and lots of sleep brought everyone else complete healing, but for you, achieving wellness was a debate between more antibiotics and as many pain pills that you could legally take and still drive to work.

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