When You Can’t Just ‘Push Through the Pain’

Chronic Pain


By Stacey T in The Mighty.


This post may get a little soap-box-like, but it’s something I need to talk about because it’s become a huge issue for me.

So, most people have heard the phrases “pushing through pain,” “no pain, no gain” and similar ones.

But when you have chronic illnesses or any illness that leaves you physically or mentally, bodily exhausted these phrases are… Well, rather annoying and very, very wrong.

It’s something a doctor or specialist wanting you to do graded exercise therapy (GET) or start physical exercise would say: “You need to learn how to push through the pain, push past it and you’ll get stronger, control it and not have it control you!” 

Which is why we now have thousands of people who tried or were bullied into GET or a exercise routine and have become severely more debilitated and set back health- and body-wise years.


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