When You’re Stuck In The Middle Of ‘Sick’ And ‘Well’



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Stuck in the middle of sick and well. That’s how I feel. Chronic illness is never easy, whether you are the person who’s sick, or the caretaker or family member of a person with a protracted illness.

Before I became ill, I was very busy multi-tasking, care-taking, mothering, wife-ing, and working. Then it all changed. My world completely stopped. I was diagnosed with a rare lung infection that led to many other illnesses, finally resulting in myalgic encephalomyelitis, otherwise known as chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). For the last three years, I have spent most of my days in my house, resting, chasing doctors and insurance companies, researching my diagnoses and…crashing.

Crashing is what I call not having the energy, stamina, motivation or wherewithal to do more than is necessary to take care of myself for that day. Until very recently, most of my days consisted of making myself get out of bed, get dressed, but not always showering (because that used every bit of energy I had) and forcing myself to eat three meals. My body was aching, spinning, dizzy, burning, exhausted, fatigued, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, out of sorts and… crashed.


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