Why A Business Website Isn’t Optional – It’s Essential





From The Yorkshire Post.


If someone had tried to explain websites to you 30 years ago, you would’ve said it was impossible – or at least that worldwide access to information about your business and the ability to get hold of you 24 hours a day was incredible. Yet browsing a business’s website now feels completely normal – it’s just another part of people’s daily lives. But many local businesses still don’t have a website where people can find vital information. Local businesses are missing out A study shows that 60 per cent of small businesses in the UK still don’t have their own website (Huffingtonpost, 2015).

A lot of local businesses think they don’t need a website, especially if most of their current customers have been with them for a long time, or they rely on word-of-mouth or traditional advertising.  But future customers and the way they shop are already changing, which means having a website for your business is more important than ever. For starters, decades ago a word-of-mouth recommendation might have meant an immediate sale, but what do you think people do now when a business is recommended to them? They Google it, of course. So that word-of-mouth recommendation might be for nothing if you don’t have an online presence. People search online to find your website to check it’s a credible and reputable business. If you don’t have a website then people will assume you’re not serious and are more likely to pick a competitor who does.

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