Why Are We So Quick To Judge ME/CFS Recovery Stories ?



From A Journey Through The Fog By Jo Moss.


As a community we are very good at supporting each other especially when one of our own is having a particularly bad time with their health. But one thing I’ve noticed, that I find disheartening, is that we don’t give people a safe platform to be open when their symptoms improve. People seem scared to share recovery stories for fear of being judged or told “you didn’t have ME/CFS in the first place”.

We should embrace these stories of hope rather than reject them. We should be elated for anyone that is experiencing a period of remission. We should collect these stories to see what we can learn from them.

Instead people are hiding in the background because they fear a backlash if they are open about their remission.

There have been a couple of incidents recently that have prompted me to write this. The most high profile case is that of Jen Brea. Jen has courageously shared her journey in the hope that it will lead to a better understanding of ME/CFS. But she has faced backlash from the community which she has spent so much time and energy supporting. I have been disgusted by the way Jen had been treated.


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