Why Carers Are Disadvantaged Even When Their Responsibilities End


An article by Mary Larkin, Senior Lecturer in Health & Social Care, The Open University.

Recognition of carers and their vital role in society has never been greater. However, despite being the subject of a series of policy initiatives over the past 30 years – the Care Act 2014 being the latest – carers continue to be profoundly disadvantaged.

There is an extensive body of evidence about the multidimensional, adverse impacts on their health and well-being, quality of life, social networks, income and capacity to undertake education and remain in work.

For example, it is estimated that nearly three out of five carers are obliged to give up paid work to care, which represents an annual loss of more than £11,000 for each carer. Such evidence has consequently led to arguments that caring for carers remains one of the most challenging and complex issues of 21st century.

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