Why Friendships Can Be Difficult With A Chronic Illness




By Jo Moss in The Mighty.


There is a saying that goes, “It’s amazing how chronic illness turns friends into strangers and strangers into friends.”

Maintaining friendships can be difficult for those of us with chronic illness. It may be hard for friends to understand the challenges we face, and the limitations our ill-health places on our lives.

When my health deteriorated, the number of friends I could rely on dwindled to just a precious few. Formerly dear friends disappeared as I became increasingly unable to make or keep plans.

But supportive friendships are vital for us spoonies.

I felt like a burden to my friends.

When I first became ill, I felt like a burden to my friends. I went from a happy-go-lucky healthy person, the life and soul of the party, to someone unable to socialize or even communicate at times.


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