Why I’m Thankful To Musician Stuart Murdoch For Sharing His Experiences With ME/CFS

Stuart Murdoch


By Christina Baltais in The Mighty.


Songwriter and front man of Belle and Sebastian, Stuart Murdoch, opened up about living with ME/CFS in a 2015 interview. Being a fan of the band, and having ME/CFS, this was big news for me. It meant our community welcomed a new face. A face that has a platform to reach many, many people. A platform that brings exposure to not only ME/CFS, but to normalizing life with chronic illness.

Normalizing our experiences is so important in the chronic illness community. Especially for anyone who is like me, and is surrounded by people who are healthy. It’s common to feel like an outcast and outsider because your life is so fundamentally different. Having conversations like this one makes us feel like a part of something — like a club of sorts. We’re all in this hard place together, and we’re trying to get to the other side in some way, shape or form. What that other side is, is a different answer for each and every one of us.

When we are able to see, relate, understand and talk to each other in our own language, we’re able to be there for one another. This is something Stuart Murdoch speaks about, and I couldn’t agree more. This is how we learn what each other is doing to cope, and how we ourselves learn to weave chronic illness into our own lives.


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