Why The Over Sixties Are Shunning Newer Food Trends



From Saga Magazine.


Chia seeds, couscous and quinoa are just some of the foods adults over the age of 60 have never tried, despite their increasing popularity among younger generations.

A study into the eating habits of older adults shows many avoid the latest food fads loved by millennials, with 35 per cent opting for a traditional ‘meat and two veg’ options over more typically modern foods.

As such, 52 per cent have never touched avocado on toast, while 53 per cent have never tried quinoa. Even olives are alien to a number of over 60s along with foods such as aubergine, vegan burgers, and tacos.

While shunning newer food crazes such as flax seeds, goji berries and chia seeds, it’s the more well-known, traditional superfoods that are popular among this age group.


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