With His Son Terribly ill, Top Scientist Takes On CFS



By Miriam E. Tucker In The Washington Post 5 October 2015


Before he got sick, Whitney Dafoe was an award-winning photographer and a world traveller. He’d helped build a nunnery in India, ridden a motorcycle in the Himalayas and visited all 50 American states.

He also worked on Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, and although he was already ill by January 2009, pushed himself to travel to Washington from his California home to photograph the inauguration.

But now, at 31, Whitney lies in bed in a darkened room in his parents’ home, unable to talk, walk or eat. He is fed intravenously and is barely able to tolerate light, sounds or being touched. His parents and the medical personnel who see him wear plain clothing when they enter his room because bright colours, shapes or any kind of print make him feel even worse, as does any movement that he’s not expecting.


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Link to Washington Post Story re Whitney Dafoe

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