York Floods: BT Investigating How To Prevent Repeat Of Outage That Hit 50,000 Properties



As reported by Mike Laycock in The Press.


Fifty thousand York properties lost their landline service when the telephone exchange in Stonebow was inundated by 1.8 million litres of floodwaters, BT has revealed.

The telecoms giants said it was carrying out a full risk assessment of the exchange to identify how it could best be protected if there was any repeat of the post-Christmas floods.

It was also engaging with Government via the ‘Electronic Communications Resilience and Response Group’ to better understand how flooding impacted the sector and what could be learnt from incidents such as York.

A spokeswoman said this was the first time the exchange had ever flooded and it was not previously thought to be at risk.

“Due to the sheer volume of flood water, mains power failed and then also our back-up generators, which are designed to kick in should mains power be lost,” she said.


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