You Don’t Need To Build A Rocket To Prove The Earth Isn’t Flat – Here’s The Simple Science



By Ian Whitaker in The Conversation.


Could 2,000 years of belief be wrong? Are we in fact living on a disc rather than a globe? One believer from the Flat Earth Society is determined to find out. “Mad” Mike Hughes is all set to build his own rocket to see for himself that the Earth is flat.

For the last 50 years, we’ve been able to view pictures of the Earth from space, which might seem like all the proof you need to see that our planet is in fact round. But the awareness of how easily images can be doctored and the growth of internet conspiracy theories appears to have fuelled a resurgence of belief in a flat Earth.

At the same time, there’s a lack of understanding of the science that has long been used to demonstrate that we live on a globe, without the need to leave it. I wish Hughes well with his endeavour, as he has at least been willing to try and prove his theory. Perhaps if more people really could see for themselves the evidence, we might be able to reverse this worrying trend. A good place to start would be by making sure children have the chance to try out simple experiments in school.


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