Your Legal Rights To Accessible Transport



Equality Act 2010


The Equality Act 2010 replaced all previous equality legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA). It protects disabled people in all areas, including transport.

Under the Act, transport providers have the duty to provide an accessible service and make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to offer the same standard of service to disabled people as to non-disabled people. In practice, this means providers have to provide accessible facilities, accessible information and simple procedures for booking assistance where required.

The regulations mean that transport providers:

  • cannot refuse someone or charge them extra because of their disability
  • may refuse disabled people for valid safety reasons
  • must guarantee to accommodate a disabled traveller if notice is given, and must make every effort to help if no notice is given
  • must provide help with moving around the station or terminal, getting on and off, and loading and unloading luggage


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