10 Calorie-Rich Foods You Don’t Realise You’re Eating



By Jane Murphy in SAGA Magazine.


While most of us try eat healthily, many of us appear to have a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to certain foods and drinks. So what are you forgetting ?

Your morning cuppa

Pop a teaspoonful of sugar in your tea or coffee and you’ll be consuming an extra 16 empty calories.

But it’s not just the sugar you add yourself that can make a difference: high-street hot drinks such as flavoured coffees, warm fruit drinks and hot chocolates may contain up to 25 tsp sugar per serving, according to a recent report from Action on Sugar.

Researchers analysed the sugar content of 131 popular hot drinks and found that 98 per cent would receive a red nutritional value label.

Fizzy drinks

A can of cola contains around 9tsp sugar – that’s 2 tsp more than the NHS’s recommended intake of added sugar per day.

‘Unless you are drinking water or “diet drinks” – which come a poor second place – those drinks count, too,’ warns weight loss expert Dr Sally Norton.


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