10 Guaranteed Ways To Cure Your Chronic Illness Instantly !

Miracle Cure


By Bethany Freeman in The Mighty.


You might think chronic illness has no easy fix, that it’s a complex problem that often has no cure because it’s widely misunderstood and medically complex. You might think people who are chronically ill deserve nothing but love and understanding on their journey. Well, you’d be wrong. They just need to Google a couple of things on the internet and then they’ll be all fixed! In my afternoons of mining the internet, and my personal experience, for the right advice and treatments, I discovered there are tons of ways to just easily fix everything. So, to help out, I’ve compiled an easy list of instant cures for you or a loved one today!

1. Drink more water. The life giving source is all you need. Add some cucumber and bam, you’re all better! Mmmmm. So easy, and so refreshing! Tired? In pain? Rushing to the bathroom? Get some nice fresh spring water in you and your problems will be cured.

2. Go to my Aunt Eliza’s husband’s cousin’s naturopath, because he was absolutely brilliant and he cured the cousin of some ailment that I can’t quite remember but that was probably worse than yours. He has some great herbs and stuff. Honestly, if you don’t go you’re just asking to stay sick. He was cured in under a week so you’re probably just wrong about your “illness.”


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