10 Things ME Patients Need NOW!



From Sally Burch’s blog: Just ME.


I am fully convinced that without the support of other patients online, I would have pushed on in the earliest stages of my illness to become Severe! It is with this thought in mind that I explore what ME patients now need. My experience when first ill, was that my (sweet, but uninformed) doctor told me to take 3 short brisk walks a day!! At this stage I was getting worse quite quickly.

Luckily, online patients soon warned me to stop pushing myself so I abandoned these walks. As a result my rate of decline slowed.  However, I was – and still am – struggling to recognise how little I needed to do, in order to prevent further damage. In my view, it is therefore vital that front line medical professionals are made aware of the very significant harm that can be done by their failure to advise “rest and recuperation” for newly ill patients.


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