16 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Your Pain Is Constant



By Veronica Vivona in The Mighty.


Living with constant pain can be extremely frustrating. When you don’t feel comfortable, you might develop some habits designed to make things more manageable. You might have back pain that makes it hard to sit in certain chairs. You could potentially have widespread pain that makes it difficult to stay still. Your pain could make you seem angry and irritable.

Whatever it is you might be doing, the people in your life just might not get it. Chronic pain is usually invisible to others so they can’t “see” why you need to use a certain chair, don’t want to go to places with cramped seating options or spend long periods of time in the cold, which exacerbates your pain. You may be worried others are judging you or feel self-conscious about your actions. But you’re not alone in your chronic pain “habits.”

In order to learn more about the tendencies people have due to constantly being in pain, we asked our Mighty community what they do to help manage. We wanted to learn what they feel first-hand. If you live in constant pain and can relate, share this list with the people in your life so they can have a better understanding of what you’re going through. And if you’re struggling with coping with your chronic pain, talk to someone you trust.


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