18 Things People With Chronic Illness Wish They Could Say to Their Friends Who Left



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For better or for worse, you tend to discover who your real friends are when you go through a major trial in your life – like developing a chronic illness or struggling with a lot of health issues. Some friends really pull through and support you every step of the way, while others may slowly fade into the background, until it’s been months (or even years) since you’ve been in contact.

The friends who leave when you become sick often aren’t ill-intentioned. They likely don’t want to hurt you, but also may not know how to help you or be there for you. Sometimes people just get wrapped up in their own lives and their own struggles, and when another person’s struggles are chronic, a.k.a. never-ending, they unfortunately might shy away from that (not that the person with the chronic illness has that choice…). It’s sad, and maybe it’s not “right,” but it happens.

Those with chronic illnesses who have had friends leave may all have different perspectives on it – maybe they dearly miss their friend, and hope to reconnect one day, or maybe they’ve recognized, in retrospect, that the falling out was actually for the best. Everyone’s feelings are totally valid, as every relationship and situation is unique.


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