2019 Blue Badge Scheme: Everything You Need To Know About The Hidden Disability Changes




By James Kelly in Leasing.com.


The blue badge disabled parking scheme is supposedly undergoing its biggest shake-up since it was introduced in 1970, but what exactly will change, and when?

Last year it was revealed that, from 2019, people with hidden disabilities will be granted access to the scheme too. The idea is that people with less obvious health conditions, such as autism, will have the same right to park in disabled bays as those with physical disabilities.

The change follows a consultation that concluded that many people with mental health problems struggle with the same travel issues as those with physical disabilities.

However, since last year’s announcement, it’s all gone a little quiet. As yet, no exact date has been given by the Department for Transport (DfT), and it’s already 2019. Beyond that lack of information (can we blame Brexit?), what exactly constitutes a ‘hidden disability’, and how will the changes help people?


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