23 Ways To Help Yourself When You Live On Your Own With ME/CFS



By Laura Denman in The Mighty.


Living with chronic illness, especially one involving chronic fatigue, is hard. Often we rely on others for help to do those every day tasks that most people take for granted. We need to take care of ourselves to minimize the effects of our illness and yet, even these most important tasks take up so much of our limited energy and strength.

Some of us don’t, or can’t live with family or friends. Perhaps we don’t want to lose that last bit of independence. Perhaps moving in with relatives would mean destroying the care system we’ve gradually built. Even with the visits from those who love us, living on your own means they will have to leave at some point and you’ll have to fend for yourself again. A very daunting thought.

Over the last nine months of having myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) I’ve learned to find ways to make looking after myself that little bit easier. I’m still learning but I thought I’d share some ideas which I’ve found particularly helpful.


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