5 Things I Had To Let Go Of When I Stopped Working



By Christina Baltais in The Mighty.


When illness makes you unable to work, you learn to let go of so much more than just your job. These are the layers of letting go I experienced when I had to take a step back from the world. Each required a paradigm shift to help me process them.

1. Letting go of striving. Being sick meant I had to unloosen the mental knots of a lifetime spent striving and achieving. It forced me to confront my fears of inactivity and guilt over stillness. This was hard because my busyness and productivity had always been rewarded with social approval and “success.” I had to relearn how to rest without self-judgement, and despite the judgement of others. This  helped me relieve the constant pressure and evaluation of my body, and how much progress it had or had not made. This also helped me ease up on the unrealistic goals I set for my swift recovery date.


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