7 Things All Chronically Ill Dancers Can Relate To



From Life Of Pippa.


Since being diagnosed with my long-term condition, I’ve realised that there’s a huge correlation between professional dance and chronic illness. For me, it was ballet. I trained intensively all throughout my childhood and early teens and was lucky to enjoy some ultimate highs and accomplishments, until (in a nutshell) my underlying condition relapsed at the age of 19 and I finally discovered the diagnosis that changed my life forever. You can read more about my story here.

For a time in the lead-up to my health declining, I did manage to continue dancing recreationally. I carried on for a year or so, before not-so-gracefully retiring when I reluctantly admitted I could no longer manage. Whether you too were a former dancer before becoming ill, or whether you’re dancing alongside managing a long-term condition to this day, here are some things I’m sure we can all relate to…


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