7 Ways To Tackle Low Self-Esteem With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Fibromyalgia



By Colleen Downey in The Mighty.


Self-esteem is generally described as the degree of regard or respect individuals have for themselves and is a subjective measure of worth that we place on our abilities and judgments; it is an understanding we create of our worth based on emotions and beliefs about how we fit into life.

For many of us, we define our worth by our productivity, our education, our professions, and by beliefs and experiences we have encoded over many years.

Imagine you are educated and well-established in your career, or perhaps you are just beginning to blossom in your chosen profession. In an alternative scenario, you might be a teenager who has yet to achieve the forenamed goals but aspire to reach them. Perhaps you are very athletic and enjoy an active life. Then slowly, or quite rapidly, your health begins to decline; sometimes foreseen and sometimes not. How would that change how you perceive your own worth in the world? How would it change how others in your life perceive you?



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