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Most of us spend quite some time on our phones these days, and I am certainly no stranger to that either. As someone with a chronic illness who needs to rest quite a lot, low energy games on my phone are a great way to spend my time – especially when I am struggling with brain fog and need to spend some time doing stuff I don’t really need to think about. In this post I will talk about some of the game apps on my phone that I play the most. Some of these require some thinking, some definitely don’t, but they’re all pretty fun and low energy!

1.     Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

I think most of us have heard of the Plants vs. Zombies games before. If not: in the original version of this game you have to fight zombies approaching your house by planting plants in your garden. PvZ Heroes is a deck-building game where you can’t only fight the zombies: you can also be the zombies and fight the plants instead. The game is primarily a player vs. player game, but you can also play against the computer for a more laid-back version. The only major downside of this game is that it takes a while to get good cards and build good decks, so it can be a little hard to get into. The game is also not updated a lot anymore – but that is probably a good thing for new players, as it gives you the opportunity to catch up with all cards that are currently released.


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