A Blue Badge And Invisible ME




Gone from being life and soul
Health gone down a huge black hole
Rarely getting out too far
Too much pain is the bar

A blue badge now has rescued me
When strength allows, it sets me free
It gets me to a needed door
Which was out of my aching reach before

Many are in this sorry state
For their freedom
They have to wait
But when that day is finally here
It becomes something they hold dear

Many of us hurt like hell
But see us out, you’d think us well
Hidden from the naked eye
You cannot see our invisible cry

You may not see a wheelchair
A walking frame or stick
You may not see an outward sign
Of what makes us all so sick

It may be just one day a month
That we can venture out
You haven’t seen behind the screen
When good days are in drought

The darkened room’s our normal life
So to hear abuse cuts like a knife
Our body’s weak, way off track
We have no strength to answer back

If your aim is to protect parking bays
For those you feel deserve
Please understand, across the land
That’s not just your preserve

It’s right that those who flaunt the law
Should be held up to account
But unless you can see, invisibility
It’s not a fight that you should mount
Scribbled windscreen notes of anger
Just shows the knowledge that you lack
If you have a doubt, don’t just shout
Don’t just give us flack

Come and chat to find out more
We won’t bite, we won’t bore
Of chronic illness that can’t be seen
Come and learn just what it means

And government, I wish to say to you
Thanks for my freedom badge of blue
But there’s a need for education
On TV and radio across the nation

We shouldn’t need to endure this rage
Not in this day and age
I want to make it loud and clear
We shouldn’t have to live in fear

Our illness is not by our choosing
Just because there’s no bandage or bruising
Doesn’t mean that we are well
But it seems that strangers just can’t tell

Educate your people please
This I beg, down on my knees
It’s bad enough to endure
Illnesses with no sight of cure

To be called words I can’t repeat
The nicest of them all is ‘cheat’
It’s bad enough being disabled
Without uneducated labels

So over to you, those in power
I’m no dainty, delicate flower
But some are broken by this taunting
It scars their lives, forever haunting

We need you now to give protection
To those who suffer such rejection
To ignore this cry would be unforgivable
Protect us all who feel invisible.

Bill Clayton
© Nov 2018

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