A Letter To My Nearest And Dearest



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To my wonderful friends and family (you know who you are),

I want to attempt to say thank you to you all but also sorry at the same time by writing this open letter. I’m not entirely sure I’ll manage but here goes. For those who haven’t met me in person but have supported me through the chronic illness community online, this is also for you.

I’ve been ill for several years. You stuck by me when I was in hospital in 2015. You listened to my every trial and tribulation going, no matter how trivial. You hugged me as I cried and listened as I ranted away. When I became pregnant, you metaphorically held my hair back as I vomited my way through each day and then supported me through a traumatic birth 9 months later. A year later you stuck by me as I battled through several chest infections, one after the other, with no apparent end in sight. You let me rant, cry and even swear as my way of processing what was going on and you never let me go. For all of that, thank you.


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