A Little Health Reminder….




Woke up today
It’s not gone away
This beast, it’s here for good
Thought maybe a dream
But a nightmare it seems
I’d sleep through it all if I could

As another day dawns
There’s something more going on
The pain’s a bit harder to stand
It’s tougher to face, when it’s in a new place
Again, just forget what you’ve planned

This pain, it’s not mine
It’s all down my spine
I’ve not had it just there before
But is it worth going sick
And risk another big kick
When you walk through the surgery door

Being told it’s baloney,
That you’re just such a phoney
You think twice about seeing the doc
We’ve enough going on, so we’ll leave it alone
Rather than risk yet another big knock

Over the years, I’ve crunched through my gears
I know I’m battered and bruised
I’m the broken toy in the toy box
My body’s been well over used
But we must be aware
When it’s not wear and tear
We must not let that confuse

Don’t take it for granted
It’s something you’ve landed
While your system’s been running so low
Could just be an ache, but a major mistake
To ignore it and just let it go

Not all things you see, are tied to M.E.
Don’t forget other ills do abound
It’d just be our luck, we’ve forgotten to duck
When they’ve been flying around

It’s easy to do
Just ignoring a clue
Others have pain ‘just like that’
It’s a tug, it’s a pull
It’s a new kid in school
But don’t use the welcoming mat

Ring the GP, for your own MOT
Get checked out to see that you’re fine
We know we’re not well, but never can tell
Don’t ignore an obvious sign

Don’t be swayed, or even delayed
Though you’ll be chuffed to bits you’ll see
Having been given every scan,
Known to woman or man
To be told it’s only M.E. !

By Bill Clayton

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