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A Picture Of ME

In my mind there is a picture
That fades some more each day
It shows how my life used to be
Before M.E. came to stay

A picture full of colour
Of fun, of laughs, of life
Not of where I am today
Of worries, pain, of strife

My picture was no masterpiece
No real work of art
But there was an aim, inside a frame
Before it fell apart

M.E. is the airbrush
Concealing who I was
From colour now to monochrome
Putting life on pause

This fading art has lost its heart
No energy, no soul
All fight has taken flight
M.E.’s awful toll

Certainly no oil painting
Even at my peak
But I’d be so much richer
If they’d get the picture
That it’s funding we all seek

Sketchy medical knowledge
Should be left way in the past
Surely not beyond reach
That we should teach
So that we’re understood at last

For now life’s coloured by numbers
And our numbers are far too high
There are too many Millions Missing
Watching their lives just passing by

So to all in power, I say this hour
We’re in need of restoration
As an exhibition, it’s a sad admission
To so many across the nation

We need a cash injection
In a biomedical direction
GP’s with M.E. training too
As there seems to be far too few

So over to you to use your smarts
We may not be one of your favoured arts
But let’s join together to help us be free
Draw a fresh picture for those with M.E.

Bill Clayton
© 2020

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