I thought I was being followed

Maybe being stalked

I saw him running in the park

As I just slowly walked


I saw him through the window

I saw him in the crowd

Full of cheer, having a beer,

In that pub that’s now too loud


I saw him at the bus stop

Standing straight and tall

Going off to work each day

He seemed to have it all


Then I saw him in the mirror

Staring back at me

I realised, through moistening eyes

He was the man I used to be


Things were good, friends would call

Then life just hit the biggest wall

I’ve yelled out loud and cursed a lot

And while that felt so good

It didn’t help a single jot

As I really hoped it would


I’ve become a shadow of myself

M.E put life upon the shelf

Things are so much different now

That’s so plain to see

I used to know what Plan A was

Now it’s all Plan B


Life moves on, a new one now

But I won’t give in, refuse to bow

Though I’ll live my life anew

To my old self I will be true

All days hurt, some like hell

But this ME beast won’t hear my knell


We’re dealt some lousy hands in life

But ME seems to twist the knife

It’s a challenge, it’s a test

To see how we react when pressed


But now that I’m a different man

I’ll write my own new battle plan

This illness won’t lock me in a cell

I’ll just have to play these bad cards well


No fret, regret, no living in fear

Moving forward, new life, changed gear

Maybe slower, but luckier than some

I still have many more miles to run


There’s no way that I’m giving in

That’s not the path I see

There’ll be no deflection

Whilst my reflection

Is staring back at me


A single voice may not be loud

Its strength may be diminished

But together our message will be strong and proud

Let them hear that we’re not finished


So with all of our might,

Let’s carry this fight

It’s time to have our say

This is our chance

To make such a stance

On our Awareness Day


By Bill Clayton

© 2018


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