A Surgeon’s ME Story


By Michael Gallagher.


I am an orthopedic surgeon and former marathoner and triathlete living with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Below is an an email that I sent to my colleagues describing my battle with ME/CFS that has robbed me of my ability to do much of what I love. I think many people can relate to the words below, especially in this time of Covid-19. This is a story that is as much about our healthcare system today and a plight that is often ignored as it is about one man’s illness.


As many of you have witnessed or heard, I am back at work after a nearly 10-month hiatus. I know my absence caused extra work and a modicum of consternation for some of you. I can’t express enough my heartfelt thanks for those of you that reached out to me while I was absent, covered my cases and call nights, and have welcomed me back with open arms and big, mask-covered smiles. If you want to feel appreciated in your job, a medical leave of absence is a sure-fire way to do the trick.


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Link to ME story

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