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My cousin Ian Rudd died in April 2018. Paramedics were called in the early morning and were unable to resuscitate him. This is an edited version of a blog I wrote for severe ME Day in 2015 while Ian was still alive. He suffered from a cruel disease called  myalgic encephalomyelitis that eventually killed him.

In 1995 my cousin Ian was a positive, happy outgoing young man who was studying a degree in Fine Arts at a London university.

He didn’t have an acute onset to his disease. His GP told him he had Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. Ian felt sick and fatigued but tried to “push through it” for five years.

He went for long walks to try and prove to himself he wasn’t ill. He had to cut down his days at university – first five days, then four, three, two and finally one – because he had to rest the other days to build up enough energy to go in. Finally, he couldn’t make the journey.


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