Academics Uncover 30 ‘Lost’ Words From The English Language That Would Be Useful Today


By Pascale Hughes in iNews.

If you’ve ever wanted a word to describe someone who stays in bed all day long, or the physical toll of listening to a boring person talking at length, you’re in the right place. Linguists from York University have compiled a list of newly-relevant words that have been forgotten after falling out of use. They relate to appearance, personality, behaviour, emotion and “post truth” – also known as deception. They include “nickum”, a cheating or dishonest person, “rouker”,  one who spreads tales or rumours, and “ear-rent”, the figurative cost to a person of listening to trivial or incessant talk.

Dominic Watt, senior lecturer in language and linguistic science at the University of York, said: “As professional linguists and historians of English we were intrigued by the challenge of developing a list of lost words that are still relevant to modern life, and that we could potentially campaign to bring back into modern day language.” So stop being a a slug-a-bed, don’t be a quacksalver, and awhape those momists with these forgotten words.

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