All In Your Head ? Brain Research In ME/CFS

Brain anatomy  - cross section

Brain anatomy – cross section


From ME Research UK.

Following last week’s introduction to the brain, here is an overview of some of the brain research conducted in ME/CFS in recent years, and how it has helped us understand more about the illness.

The World Health Organisation has classified ME/CFS as a neurological disease, and brain inflammation has long been hypothesised as a potential cause of the condition. What’s more, findings from the field of neurological research have started to show just how significant the brain is in ME/CFS, with evidence of neuroinflammation and changes in brain activity during post-exertional malaise.

As the brain is responsible for regulating and controlling all of the functions of the body – from physical movement to unconscious regulation of the heart and temperature – dysfunction in this organ could easily explain why ME/CFS has the wide range of symptoms illustrated below.


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