Americans With Disabilities Face Too Many Bumps In The Road





Our survey of Americans with disabilities revealed that:

  • 28% encounter a barrier to a building, transportation or service once a week
  • 20% encounter a barrier at least once a day
  • 36% live in a home that is not wheelchair accessible; of this group:
  • 70% have steps leading into the home
  • 51% cannot afford to make their homes wheelchair accessible
  • 25% say they find ways to “deal with” the challenges and inconveniences
  • 16% say that landlord/homeowner/condo board won’t allow modifications 

    Top 5 challenges to wheelchair/scooter users:

    1. Unsafe sidewalks due to hazardous slopes, uplifted/deteriorated/blocked sections of sidewalk.
    2. Narrow aisles/thruways in public places
    3. Non-compliant curbs and crosswalks
    4. Blocked wheelchair ramps
    5. Buildings that are completely inaccessible


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