Are You Chronically Ill ? Don’t Make Things Worse !



By Toni Bernhard J.D. in Psychology Today.


I became chronically ill in 2001. For several years afterward, I was a master at making a difficult situation worse for myself. The list is long, but I’ll limit myself to six ways in which I did this:

  1. I hated my body for not recovering from what had appeared to be a simple viral infection.
  2. I hated my mind because I thought if it were strong enough mentally, I could will myself back into health.
  3. I blamed every doctor I saw for not being able to “fix” me.
  4. I felt judged by family, friends, and co-workers because I was convinced they thought I was a malingerer since I continued to be in poor health.
  5. I blamed myself because I thought I was continually letting others down by being so limited in what I could do.
  6. I thought the world was being unfair to me. I resented the way all my plans—professional and personal—had to be dramatically altered.


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