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On Twitter there have been some interesting discussions this week about disability identity and ME. I think this is worth everyone with ME thinking about. For most of us ME is enduring, substantial & has a significant effect on our life. These are the very requirements of defining a disability.

Do you identify as Disabled though? I find a surprising number of pwme don’t. I understand this, it took me 10 years to get to that place myself and for most of that time I was working with other disabled people. There are a number of reasons why: it is emotional for everyone to come to terms with disability and with ME other people don’t tend to label you as disabled; you hope to get better so don’t want to take on a negative self identity; you initially got sick rather than injured so tend to think of yourself as ill (if we have a genetic predisposition does that change this thinking?); sometimes your symptoms are mild and not substantial; we are brought up to think of disabled as using a wheelchair and many of us don’t etc.


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