Becoming A Wheelchair User: 3 Things I’ve Learned



From @creamcrackeredblog.


I became a wheelchair user two years ago, and in that time I’ve really had to work through a lot of anxiety and internalised ableism to become comfortable using my chair out in public. It hasn’t been easy and I still have my wobbles, but I’m now at the point where I feel love and gratitude towards my little Hot Wheels, because it enables and empowers me to do more of the things that bring joy to my life.

An important and ongoing part of this journey has been having my eyes opened to the experiences of disabled people in a world built entirely for the able bodied. I know that for any long-time wheelchair or mobility aid users who may be reading this, this will all be Disability 101 preached to the choir. However, these are three lessons that I feel have been important for me to learn, so I’m sharing them in the hopes that it will help abled people to be better allies to their disabled friends and loved ones.


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