BRIXMIS: The Cold War Mission Through The Eyes Of A British Spy




By Dave Butler in Forces Network. 

BRIXMIS was a unit of the British Army set up at the end of the Second World War as a liaison mission between the wartime allies: Britain, France, America, and The Soviet Union.

The term BRIXMIS itself stands for the ‘British Commander-in-Chief’s Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany’.

However, BRIXMIS rapidly became, in common with United States (USMLM) and French Allied Military Liaison Missions (FMLM), something quite different.

The seemingly benign concept of liaison evolved very rapidly into an undefined and undeclared synonym for highly professional intelligence collection patrolling in East Germany.

As a former member of BRIXMIS, I was thrilled to be contacted by Forces News to be asked if I would be prepared to assist in the making of a documentary about the mission.

The concept for the documentary was to conduct a series of interviews with former mission members and also tell the story of some of the exploits, successes and impact our results had on the intelligence community.





Link to BRIXMIS story

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