But Make It Accessible: Wax Poetic Clothing

Natasha Lipman


By Natasha Lipman.


Hello and welcome to my new blog series “But Make It Accessible”, where I speak to brands that are working to create beautiful and stylish clothes that are also accessible.

Rediscovering my love for fashion since becoming a wheelchair user has brought a lot of joy into my life, but also a lot of challenges. I really struggle to find clothes in my style that are easy to get on AND match my access needs: which mostly means not causing subluxations while getting dressed, have soft fabrics that don’t irritate my skin, fit in a way that doesn’t hurt my body when it’s on, and looks good both sitting down in a wheelchair and standing up.

I was surprised at how difficult it has been to find dresses that I love that fall within these requirements, and like with many things accessibility-related, was disappointed by the lack of options.

I especially found that a lot of clothes that were specifically marketed as ‘accessible’ seemed targeted at older people, or at least didn’t fall within the style of clothing I’d ever choose to buy. I mostly just buy clothes I like for aesthetic purposes and get help putting them on and off because sometimes I just want to look pretty and not spend even longer trawling the internet.


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