‘But You Don’t Look Disabled ?’ What Living With An Invisible Disability Is Really Like

Invisible Illness


By Mared Parry in The Tab.


I shouldn’t have to prove I’m disabled by showing my scars

If you were sat opposite me on the train or if you looked at my Instagram, you’d never guess I’m disabled. You’d never guess I had major surgery three weeks ago, or that I’ve been having operations my whole life.

I’ve lived with double curve scoliosis, which I’ve just had corrective surgery on. I now have two metal rods and 14 screws in my back. I was also born with developmental dysplasia of the hip, which means I only had one hip socket. It’s left me with a weak right leg, so I struggle to stand or walk for longer periods of time.

Unless I’m walking, nobody can see this or would be able to tell. But just because I look fine, it doesn’t mean I am fine.


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