Can You Beat The Rising TV Costs ?



By Holly Thomas in Saga Magazine.


Have you ever found yourself flicking through channels and wondering exactly what it is you’re paying for?

The cost of Sky TV’s popular packages has risen at four times the rate of wage inflation and twice as fast as UK rail fares in the last seven years, according to new research.

Since 2010, while average UK rail fares have risen by 23%, the cost of Sky TV’s popular bundles has soared by 50% on average. It’s not just Sky – Virgin has also been at it too with hikes of an eye watering 82% in the last seven years.

The research from Freesat also found that 99% of the most watched shows of Sky customers are available on free channels.

Ewan Taylor-Gibson, TV and broadband expert at, says: “It’s irksome to have to flick through dozens of channels you never watch. If you’ve found yourself sitting on the sofa questioning whether you’ve made the wrong decision to sign up to a bells and whistles pay TV package, you know it’s time to look at other options.”


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