ME Poetry


Gaslighting. Gaslight was a movie in 1944Before that film it was a termthat had never been heard before It told a terrifying taleOf one man and his wifeIt told of how his crueltyDestroyed a lady’s life He spent his time convincing herThat she was losing her mindAnd all that he was doingWas treating her so […]

Noise And M.E.

I think in the last couple of weeks it’s been decided that every advert on TV needs the loudest possible backtrack, just for the hell of it. It reminded me of this…. NOISE AND M.E. My M.E. sensory radarHas really taken holdIt’s caused my life to change,In a way that’s strangeAnd not just because I’m […]

It’s Not You, It’s M.E.

It’s Not You, It’s M.E. When we first started outWide eyed at the coming yearsWe were so strongWe just bowled alongNo worries, no cares, no fears. Now times have changedWe’re growing apartBody and soulIt’s breaking my heart It’s such a sad fact,You no longer reactTo what I want to doYou don’t hear my wordsIt’s just […]

M.E. And My List

M.E. And My List The eyes they slowly openA restless night behindSleep didn’t want to come my wayTo rest my buzzing mind I gently rise to find my feetHope the strength is there to greetMy legs like stilts, … feelingI fall,…… to stare up at the ceiling It’s gonna be another dayWhere M.E. has its […]

The Guilt Of M.E.

The Guilt of M.E. When the beast descends we know the scoreStrength and hope go through the floorWe’ve all been on this road beforeAnother day of guilt Want to take my part in lifeWant to spend some time with wifeWant to cause no further strifeAnother day of guilt Said I’d try and meet with friendsMissed […]

My M.E. Storm

MY M.E. STORM I can feel the storm clouds formingAll around my headI should have stopped my ‘doing’And rested more instead. The soft patter of the raindropsThat turn into a thudMy mind then slows as the downpour growsTurning every thought to mud. My scrambled brainIs like thundering rainI cower from the merest lightLike a laser […]

Millions Missing

Millions Missing Tommy missing from the five a sidesA different postman todayJenny not out, not seen her aboutMaybe she’s just gone away No Mary at the BingoCharlie, where is that guy?Rang the teacher, couldn’t reach herDidn’t think to wonder why Jack from the pubHayley down at the clubMy barber’s missing tooWhat’s going on, where have […]

Help The Millions Missing

Help The Millions Missing Have you heard of the Millions MissingHave you heard the newsSurely they’ve been on the radioLooking for any clues Have you heard of the Millions MissingPeople just gone amissNo longer turning up for workGone down some abyss Have you heard of the Millions MissingIt’s not something they’d suppressYou can’t have people […]

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