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Trial By Error: My Letters To Psychosomatics Journal About Prof White’s Misleading GETSET Paper

By David Tuller, DrPH In early April, I wrote about a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research—a one-year follow-up of the GETSET trial of self-help graded exercise therapy for ME/CFS. The investigators had previously reported short-term benefits for the intervention. In this new paper, despite no benefits of the intervention over regular care, the team reported success […]

Continuing Pressure On NHS To Vaccinate People With ME In Light Of Survey Results

From #MEAction. As reported last week, the preliminary findings from the joint survey between #MEAction and Action for M.E demonstrated that most respondents with ME experienced an exacerbation of their underlying disease and  prolonged illness from Covid-19 itself. The survey is still live for people who with ME who have had Covid-19 to take part. To read the rest […]

Symptoms Of Long-Covid “Like ME” Find Researchers

By Maja Grantham in Deadline. RESEARCHERS have discovered strong links between long Covid symptoms and those experience by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). sufferers. The effects of long Covid are now being realised around the world as around 10% of people who have covid 19 suffer from it. Some of those have ongoing organ problems, such as lung and heart […]

In The Balance. Immune-System Research In ME/CFS Part 2

Here is the second part of Dr Eleanor Roberts’ article looking at ways in which the immune system may be disrupted in ME/CFS. Click here for part 1, and click here for Eleanor’s introduction to the immune system. ‘Leaky gut’ For some people with ME/CFS, their symptoms may be due to changes in the different species of […]

Help The Millions Missing

Help The Millions Missing Have you heard of the Millions MissingHave you heard the newsSurely they’ve been on the radioLooking for any clues Have you heard of the Millions MissingPeople just gone amissNo longer turning up for workGone down some abyss Have you heard of the Millions MissingIt’s not something they’d suppressYou can’t have people […]

Understanding Muscle Dysfunction In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Gina Rutherford, Philip Manning, and Julia L. Newton. Abstract Introduction. Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is a debilitating disorder of unknown aetiology, characterised by severe disabling fatigue in the absence of alternative diagnosis. Historically, there has been a tendency to draw psychological explanations for the origin of fatigue; however, this model is at odds […]

Trial By Error: In Guardian Column, Professor Pariante Parrots Standard Biopsychosocial Nonsense

By David Tuller, DrPH On Tuesday (four days ago), The Guardian published an opinion piece from Professor Carmine Pariante titled “Long Covid is very far from ‘all in the mind’–but psychology can still help us to treat it.” The article is the latest from a member of the biopsychosocial ideological brigades to demonstrate what has long been […]

Slow-Onset ME

From Gwenfar’s Garden and other musings. This article was first published in the ME Association’s ME Essential magazine, Spring 2021, pages 32-33. Slow onset ME. You’ve probably never heard of it. It’s mentioned here and there, and on the ME Association website, but there are no explanatory leaflets or research articles. This isn’t anybody’s fault. It’s just that this […]

It’s Not Your Fault

By Whitney Dafoe. think at some level we all blame ourselves for the symptoms and consequences of ME/CFS. Even if you truly know and believe it is a real physical illness I think in the back of all our minds there’s a little voice that tells us we could be doing better if we tried […]

Living With ME: Lucy’s Story

From Helping Hands. Lucy was a healthy and active teenager. A keen swimmer, member of a running club, hockey player and a volunteer for children with special educational needs, Lucy was preparing for a vibrant and exciting future. In her final year of Sixth Form, Lucy contracted chicken pox. After a few weeks away from […]

In The Balance. Immune-System Research In ME/CFS part 1

From ME Research UK. Following her introduction last week, Dr Eleanor Roberts now takes a look at some of the ways in which the immune system may be disrupted in ME/CFS. Have a look back at her previous article for a reminder of some of the cells and processes discussed here. While there is evidence that the […]

People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Less Likely To Reach Out For Support

ByJulia Métraux in Very Well Health. People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Less Likely to Reach Out For Support Key Takeaways A study published in April suggests that people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) are less likely to reach out for social support than others with chronic health conditions. Treatment for ME/CFS often involves […]

Open Letter To The NIH

From Body Politic. We write to you on behalf of Body Politic – a grassroots health justice organization at the forefront of the patient-led movement for Long COVID – with regards to the NIH’s funding for research into Long COVID. We were thrilled to learn of the NIH’s plan to investigate Long COVID and other […]

Trial By Error: Do the “Vast Majority” of Lightning Process Participants Achieve “Lasting Change”?

By David Tuller, DrPH Coda Story is an excellent news organization focused on international stories related to the misuse of science and technology, among other topics. Today, it published a piece of mine about the training program called the Lightning Process. Sites devoted to the Lightning Process are full of tales of recovery from prolonged illness. I included one such […]

The Ending Suffering Project for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Long COVID, and Allied Disorders

By Cort Johnson in Health Rising. Something new has become possible with the long-COVID funding. Long sought answers to ME/CFS are not a pipe dream anymore but appear achievable. They will, however, take some time to emerge. Yet many people are suffering now, and some may not make it until those answers emerge. What a […]

ME Association Statement on Exercise in ME/CFS and Long Covid

Russell Fleming, Content Manager, ME Association  The ME Association decided to issue this position statement on exercise and activity management in ME/CFS (and Long Covid) in light of recent discussions which have appeared on, for example, BBC Newsnight, and in the Guardian newspaper and that are continuing online. Please also read: ME Association Statement re: BBC […]

In The Balance. An Introduction To The Immune System.

The purpose of our immune system is to protect the body from invading infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria (called ‘pathogens’). But there is a fine balance between providing this protection without overreacting and causing harm. The immune system is unbalanced in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, and this is also […]

“Doctors Can Commit Scientific Fraud And Financial Fraud And Not Be Punished”

  By David F Marks. Press Release by Dr Myhill concerning Dr Myhill’s Virtual Hearing 22 MARCH 2021 – vs ICO & GMC Doctors can commit scientific fraud and financial fraud and not be punished. This is the conclusion of Dr Sarah Myhill following her recent hearing vs the ICO and GMC. Dr Sarah Myhill tells […]

Life-Threatening Malnutrition In Very Severe ME/CFS

By Helen Baxter, Nigel Speight and William Weir in MDPI.   Abstract Very severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) can lead to problems with nutrition and hydration. The reasons can be an inability to swallow, severe gastrointestinal problems tolerating food or the patient being too debilitated to eat and drink. Some patients with very severe ME […]

What Is Hypopituitarism And Could It Be An Alternate Explanation For ME/CFS ?

  By Joanne Lane with comment from Dr Charles Shepherd in The ME Association.   I don’t have ME, but I have something important to say that I hope may help people who have. Twelve years ago, our 31-year-old son Christopher killed himself. We were devastated and desperate to find reasons. We wondered about the serious head injury he’d had when he was seven and we found that […]

Apparently Just By Talking About It, I’m Super-Spreading Long Covid

By George Monbiot in The Guardian.   Rejoice! A mystery has been solved. We now have an explanation for long Covid, a condition afflicting many thousands of people. A super-spreader has been identified. Important as this finding is, I’m reluctant to call for the vector to be eradicated. Why? Because it’s me. In a presentation to the reinsurance giant […]

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