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Life-Threatening Malnutrition In Very Severe ME/CFS

By Helen Baxter, Nigel Speight and William Weir in MDPI.   Abstract Very severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) can lead to problems with nutrition and hydration. The reasons can be an inability to swallow, severe gastrointestinal problems tolerating food or the patient being too debilitated to eat and drink. Some patients with very severe ME […]

Apparently Just By Talking About It, I’m Super-Spreading Long Covid

By George Monbiot in The Guardian.   Rejoice! A mystery has been solved. We now have an explanation for long Covid, a condition afflicting many thousands of people. A super-spreader has been identified. Important as this finding is, I’m reluctant to call for the vector to be eradicated. Why? Because it’s me. In a presentation to the reinsurance giant […]

Video: “A Conversation About Myalgic Encephalomyelitis With Dr. Nina Muirhead”

By Pyrrhus in Pheonix Rising. After their last webinar with Trish Greenhalgh, which turned into a disaster, the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) scheduled another webinar, but this time with British doctor-patient Dr. Nina Muirhead:   To watch the video,click on the link below:   Link to Dr Muirhead Video

How COVID Long-Haulers Might Renew The Focus On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Jad Sleiman in WHYY. Psychologist Leonard Jason knew the COVID long-haulers were coming long before anyone even had a name for them. “When we began hearing about individuals getting sick with this particular virus, we just assumed that there would be a certain percentage of individuals who did not recover,” he said. “And they ended up calling them […]

NICE Announce New Publication Date For The ME/CFS Clinical Guideline

  Russell Fleming, Content Manager, ME Association Dear Stakeholder,  Because of the large number of comments received during consultation on the ME/CFS guideline, and the additional work needed to respond to them fully, the publication date has changed. The guideline will now publish on 18th August 2021.  29 March 2021    The ME Association was expecting NICE (The […]

The PACE Trial Should Be Retracted, Because It Was Seriously Unethical, And The Lead Investigators Continue To Deny That.

  By Dr Neil MacFarlane MRCPsych in DrNMblog.   This was submitted (December 2020) to NICE in response to the new draft ME/CFS guidance of November 2020,[1] which had removed the recommendation for Graded Exercise Therapy (GET), and downgraded CBT from therapeutic to a ‘supportive’ option. [1] I appear to be the first UK psychiatrist to be […]

Long Covid Isn’t As Unique As We Thought – (Mentions ME)

By Julia Belluz in Vox.   Dr. Craig Spencer, an emergency room doctor in New York City, was no stranger to dangerous viruses when a brush with one landed him in Bellevue Hospital for 19 days. But it was only after he was discharged, and declared virus-free, that the really bizarre symptoms set in. Back at home, he noticed he […]

Research Digest 12/03/21

    From Emerge Australia.   Welcome to the 65th Emerge Australia Research Digest, where you will find summaries of some of the latest research and information about ME/CFS, with links to the complete articles. You can also join our community and choose to have the Digest delivered straight to your inbox every fortnight on […]

ME And The PACE Trial

  By David F Marks. Here I review the disastrous trial known as the ‘PACE trial’. This updates a post from several years ago. Review of the evidence indicates that none of the Wessely School’s hypotheses about the causes of ME/CFS are supported by the science (see here, here and here). Under these circumstances it would be scientifically impossible for […]

ME/CFS And Deconditioning

  By David F Marks. A previous post examined the Wessely School hypothesis that ME/CFS is caused by unhelpful beliefs. This idea was exploded as a myth. Here I examine a second Wessely School hypothesis (H2) that states: Deconditioning causes, or exacerbates the symptoms of, ME/CFS and MUS Deconditioning refers to multiple, potentially reversible changes in body systems […]

Fog And M.E.

Fog And M.E. In a car when fog descends Lights go on to see the bends Other dangers illuminated A flick of a switch, clarity created An M.E. fog is not the same It wraps around our words, our brain There is no switch, no helpful light Just confusion, loneliness and fright An M.E. symptom […]

Team Run For M.E. 2021

  From ME Research UK. ME Research UK is grateful once more to be chosen as one of the featured charities for 2021’s Walk for ME scheme. Covid-19 restrictions permitting and adhering to all social distancing and health advice, the initiative is most popular around ME Awareness Week. Walk for ME began in 2013 with the founders hoping […]

The History of ME

  From ME International. The 1956 Lancet Editorial First Proposing the Name “Benign Myalgic Encephalomyelitis” A New Clinical Entity by  E.D. Acheson, D.M., M.R.C.P. (26 May 1956) ​“From the purely practical standpoint it would be useful to have a name for this syndrome.  As the most helpful single feature in the recognition of this syndrome […]

A Surgeon’s ME Story

By Michael Gallagher.   I am an orthopedic surgeon and former marathoner and triathlete living with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Below is an an email that I sent to my colleagues describing my battle with ME/CFS that has robbed me of my ability to do much of what I love. I think many people can […]

ME Research On The Way Due To Long-Covid ?

  A bit of a breakthrough on the BBC 2 Horizon programme where Dr Strain explains to Dr Xand van Tulleken that ME, a physical illness, will be gaining research based on the Long-Covid situation.  It’s only a couple of minutes long, but worth a watch !   To watch the video, click on the […]

Experiences Of Living With Severe ME/CFS

By Victoria Strassheim, Julia Newton & Tracy Collins in ME Research UK. Key findings Very little research has been conducted in people with severe ME/CFS, partly because their health burden make it difficult for them to engage in studies Interviews with five people with severe ME/CFS explored their lived experience, challenges to everyday life, and management […]

Low Dose Hydrocortisone: Flare Buster For Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?

  By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.   Cortisol, our body’s main stress hormone, has an amazing reach. Given the effects it has on our metabolism, inflammation, blood pressure, blood sugar, energy production and even the sleep-wake cycle, it’s no surprise that researchers early on latched onto signs of cortisol problems in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and […]

News In Brief – February 2021

  From Science For M.E. This thread has a Science for ME ‘News in Brief’ post for each week in February 2021 written by a team including @Trish, @Kalliope and @ahimsa. Scroll down to see this week’s news.   To read the rest of this update, click on the link below:   Link to February Update

All In Your Head ? Brain Research In ME/CFS

  From ME Research UK. Following last week’s introduction to the brain, here is an overview of some of the brain research conducted in ME/CFS in recent years, and how it has helped us understand more about the illness. The World Health Organisation has classified ME/CFS as a neurological disease, and brain inflammation has long […]

Say What ? Attention Deficits Highlight Why Fibromyalgia (And ME/CFS) Are Such Different Diseases

By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.   How fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and allied diseases are so different from diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Fibro-fog, brain-fog, chemo-fog… It can get pretty dim out there if you have fibromyalgia (FM), chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and environmental illness (EI). If you have these conditions and feel like you’re […]

Special Issue “Biomarkers In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)”

  From MDPI.   Special Issue Information Dear Colleagues, Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a systemic disease that affects the central nervous system, the immune system, cell energy metabolism, the autonomic nervous system, etc. The main clinical sign is persistent chronic fatigue that is not relieved by rest and lasts for more than six […]

To Vaccinate Or Not – With ME/CFS

  By: Nancy Klimas, MD, Director, INIM   Veterans with concerns related to Gulf War illness have a lot in common with ME/CFS patients, so my advice to them is the same. See the article below.   I have been asked this question dozens of times over the past week. This is my opinion – […]

Latest Report Shows People With ME Have Been Failed By Scottish Government

From ME Action Scotland.   The Scottish Government has said it must not wait to address the needs of the ME community, but its latest report indicates that this is precisely what it has done and continues to do.  The ME community has also waited: for nearly twenty years, people with ME in Scotland have […]

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