Changing The Narrative #3: Due Process, Engagement And A Pathway (Magic Bullet Not Included)


Valerie Eliot-Smith

By Valerie Eliot Smith.

The history of ME remains one of the worst examples of unacknowledged institutional abuse in modern times. 


Since I started publishing this series of posts, I have received mixed feedback. I’m grateful to those who have provided positive and constructive comments.

There have also been some less helpful reactions to the previous post. My personal integrity and professional competence have been called into question. The existence of evidence to which I referred has been doubted, thereby implying that I am a liar or a fantasist.  I have been accused of being on a “one-woman ego trip”. It has also been suggested that I am now in the thrall of the “SMC/BPS” group.

Because of the complex and contentious nature of this series, which I flagged up from the outset, “Changing the narrative #2” was a particularly difficult piece to write. From my own perspective, and that of some readers, most of the criticisms raised had already been covered in the post or in the links provided but I accept that this may not have always been as clear as it could have been.

This post runs at just over 3000 words including the re-cap. As always, it is broken down into short sections to make it easier to read for those who, like me, experience cognitive challenges as a result of living with ME, or any other illness.


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