Children With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Often Wait More Than A Year For Diagnosis



by Sasha Nimmo

Researchers at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne confirmed that paediatric chronic fatigue syndrome (Fukuda criteria) causes significant disability and little is known about how common the condition is or how it is currently managed in Australia. More than half of children have to wait a year or longer before receiving a diagnosis.

Led by neuropsychiatrist Dr Sarah Knight, the study aimed to estimate the paediatrician-diagnosed incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome in Australia, describe demographic and clinical features, as well as approaches to diagnosis and management.

The study found there was marked variability between geographical regions, demonstrating the inconsistency and difficulty with diagnosis in Australia. The authors stated there is a need for new national clinical practice guidelines for CFS, accompanied by a systematic implementation strategy. The current Australian CFS guidelines are widely criticised.


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