CHROME Study Seeks Diagnostic Biomarkers For ME/CFS

By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.

A study seeking to uncover a diagnostic biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) that you can participate in from your home?  That was unexpected.

I had never heard of Dxterity or the CHROME (CHRonic fatigue syndrOME) study until a couple of days ago. The company – a biological diagnostic company based in Los Angeles – has four other studies underway. Besides their catchy titles, the studies had two things in common: they were all focused on more cheaply and effectively monitoring autoimmune diseases.

  • LIFT (Lupus Interval Monitoring to Manage Disease Flare and Enable Treatment Optimization) study for Lupus
  • EMPOWER study (Evaluating Multiple Sclerosis Patients ShOWing A GEnomic Signature of Therapy Response) for multiple sclerosis
  • BRAVO (Baseline Rheumatoid Arthritis Verification Outcomes)

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