Chronic fatigue Syndrome And An Illness-Focused Approach To Care: Controversy, Morality And Paradox



By Susanna Agardy, in BMJ Journals.

At the heart of Sharpe and Greco’s article lies the complaint that while cancer patients accept CBT/GET treatments for their fatigue, ME/CFS patients reject these treatments. Of course they do! ME/CFS patients have a different disease, the main feature of which makes them unable to increase exertion.

The article contains several omissions and misinterpretations:

a.) Sharpe and Greco argue strenuously that it is acceptable, even beneficial, for ME/CFS to be considered an illness-without-disease, ignoring its recognition as a disease by the WHO in 1969 and by the then Institute of Medicine in 2015 (1). They appear to expect the illness-without-disease state to be inescapable, ignoring or dismissing the serious abnormalities discovered by biomedical research (2). These have been found even before the allocation of research resources which would be commensurate with the burden and complexity the of disease. Would they have said the same about multiple sclerosis which came to be regarded as an illness-with-disease once a diagnostic technique was discovered? (I assume that the authors use the terms ME and CFS interchangeably although they do not clarify this. If this assumption is incorrect I await clarification.)


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