Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A PHYSICAL Condition Not A Mental Illness, Says Ellen Wiles



By Ellen Wiles in The Express.


Before I fell ill life was sweet and full of promise.

Fresh out of Oxford University, where I had somehow come top in the year, I was working in consultancy while I figured out what I really wanted to do.

Then just before Christmas I got flu.

I spent the festive fortnight spluttering and by the new year my symptoms were gone.

Nothing unusual.

But I found it strangely strenuous to get dressed and walk the 10 minutes into the office.

And when I sat at my desk, my leaden head slumped on to it.

I upped my caffeine and sugar intake until I was drinking 10 extra-strong mochas a day.

But it was no good.

Even the effort of maintaining a conversation made my words slur.

It felt like all my bones were melting.

My boss told me to go to see a doctor.

Multiple blood tests came out clear.


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